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2012 Poetry Contest Winner

Posted February 9, 2013 | General

Bee Diverse! ~ by Emily Szuter

For the first time, the baby bees fly out of their hive
Leaving their little sibling behind
Most are black and yellow
Yet there’s one little fellow
He struggles to fly
But he just can’t rise
For his wings are too small
Yet his brothers and sisters don’t fall
Their wings are full and strong
His are weak and look all wrong
All of his siblings realize he’s not there
The other bees stop and stare
They treat him as if he’s just like them
They resemble rocks, and he, the gem
Inside and out, he may be the same
There’s no cause, no doer, no reason for shame
It doesn’t matter what color, what shape, or what size
Red hair, dark skin, tall, short, or gray eyes
Whether you can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t hear, can’t see
You’ll always be someone just like me
To “bee” interesting is to “bee” diverse
It’s not awful, it’s not a curse
Just “bee” diverse!

Mikayla’s Voice Annual Poetry Contest at the Nazareth Area Middle School (NAMS) has marked its third year. 


Based on the success of this program, Mikayla’s Voice plans to expand this activity into a regional program, to include poetry contests in middle schools across the entire Lehigh Valley, with an overall winner each year.




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