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A “Declaration of Friendship!”

A “Declaration of Friendship!”

Posted February 18, 2018 | General

A 5th Grade class from Bethlehem Area School District’s Thomas Jefferson Elementary School has been hard at work creating their “Wheels” project over the last few weeks. In the beginning of the project, the class brainstormed ideas that both honored their school’s namesake as well as their efforts toward inclusion. Gaining inspiration from their school’s mascot, the class developed the idea of painting and creating a scroll with a proclamation in which the entire class would sign in agreement. Having considered three different quotes by Thomas Jefferson, the students selected one from which they extracted: “A difference is never cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

This large-scale piece of artwork is comprised of (6) 2’ x 3’ canvases that feature a rainbow of colors representing all types of people. The outline of the scroll is constructed from the wheels of Mikayla’s wheelchair, surrounded by the handprints of the students from the class.

At a school-wide unveiling assembly, the 5th Grade class will invite every student from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School to sign their “Declaration of Friendship!” ~ the title of their creation! This piece of artwork will be displayed in the school’s library for everyone to enjoy.

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...