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Board of Directors Profile: Rose Allshouse

Board of Directors Profile: Rose Allshouse

Posted March 18, 2018 | General

“I know firsthand that children accept people of all abilities, color and creed without question. I was only 6 years old when my eldest brother’s first child was born with Downs Syndrome. Sadly, in 1960 she was known as a mongoloid. However, to me she was just the sweetest, cutest baby ever. When she was born, the doctors told my brother that he should institutionalize her, saying she’d never walk, talk or amount to anything. The doctors even went so far as to tell my brother to refuse surgery when at a few days old she developed a bowel blockage. They said my brother should let her die. By now, most of that medical team is probably dead, while my niece is still thriving! She walks, she talks, she attended school and worked in adult workshops. Although she did not get to enjoy ‘inclusive’ settings, she was an active member of the community, and is loved by many.

I was a child when my niece was born, sharing in a wonderful experience of knowing and loving someone of ‘another ability!’ It taught me compassion and understanding. It taught me that each one of us has a purpose no matter if in a wheelchair, blind, deaf, mentally or physically challenged in anyway; we all have purpose, and should be included, leaving behind our footprint. So, teaming up with an organization that inspires, educates and empowers children of all abilities could not have been a better fit for me.”

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...