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Inclusion Through Painting

Posted April 30, 2014 | General, Wheels Of Friendship

This evening the 2014 Mikayla’s Voice Wheels of Friendship Artists’ Exhibit and Reception was held at the BAVTS (3300 Chester Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18020).  The exhibit was fabulous and the Skills Students did an incredible job of hosting the reception, as well as, presenting and explaining the artwork created at various schools with their help.






Andrew, whom has Aspergers Syndrome, did a wonderful job presenting to the audience and explaining what inclusion means to him, and how the painting “Inclusion in Bloom” came to be.



The painting chairs.


Gabe, a third grader at Steckel Elementary,  with spina bifida , worked with his  third grade class to create “The Friendship Song.”  Gabe used his  wheelchair and walker to help create the staff and notes.


Mikayla and the National Honor Society at Nazareth Area High School, created “Drive Toward Inclusion.” Mikayla created the path going from darkness into light using the wheels on her wheelchair.


The BAVT Skills students helped to create “Bright Sun and Happy Hands” a community project.


A kindergarten class at Riverside West, created “Hills of Friendship” with Helen painting the rolling hills using her wheelchair.


Andrew, Amanda, Brittany and Gabe could not be prouder of their accomplishments and Mikayla’s Voice could not be prouder of them. They have embodied the meaning of INCLUSION!


Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...