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Inspirational Silence

Posted July 3, 2010 | General

This past spring with the decision to form a non-profit organization made, Kim approached Mikayla’s eighth grade classmates and shared with them the organization’s name, concept and mission. There were five eighth grade English classes and they were studying poetry at that point of the school year. After Kim’s presentation their teacher asked the students to write a poem that might explain inclusion or represent Mikayla’s Voice. As with the writing of Our Friend Mikayla the children’s work was amazing, making it very challenging to select a favorite. Ultimately, the teacher and Kim both chose the same poem entitled, Inspirational Silence written from Mikayla’s point of view.

Inspirational Silence

My voice is silent,
But yet, still heard.
I inspire by action,
Not by word.

With the author’s permission, the organization will feature her poem on our website

At the eighth grade move-up ceremony, the author was presented with an award medal as the winner of Mikayla’s Voice first annual poetry contest.

*Based on this project’s success, Mikayla’s English teacher has agreed to help Mikayla’s Voice make this an annual eighth grade project.

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...