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Mark’s Triumph in the Tri

Mark’s Triumph in the Tri

Posted June 17, 2018 | General

As this year’s Tri for Inclusion is just under a week away, Mark and his team are training for competition. Mark and his mother, Monica, sat down to reflect on their experience from their past two events.

“This year Mark will be participating in his third Tri for Inclusion. Mark’s love for the competition increases every year and can be seen in his enthusiasm to train during the long winter months. This year, he will be competing with his brothers as they bike, swim, and run with him on his way to a sure victory. Victory is assured as no matter what number he crosses the finish line at; the victory he anticipates most is the incredible thundering applause and the shouts of joy and encouragement coming from the crowd. For Mark, this event acknowledges him as the competitor and not merely a spectator on the sidelines. This truly has been more than a race – indeed no one should be left on the sidelines.”

Best of luck this year, Team Mark! Hard work and training pays off!

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