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Mikayla Teaches at Penn State

Posted March 29, 2013 | General

Mikayla, Hannah and Kim visited Penn State Harrisburg this past Tuesday, March 19, to speak with education students. Twice they have been invited by and presented for Linda O. Rhen, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education, who offers the following about their presentation:

As I watched the students, I could see that they were engaged throughout your presentation and that they were smiling and reacting positively to your message. We did some quick debriefing with the class that met right after the presentation and it was very positive. Another thing that was very positive, was that several other professors attended the entire presentation and were also complimentary.

All of what you said and shared on Tuesday covered all the points that needed to be covered. Your approach is so compelling it is difficult for anyone to see it another way. The sharing of your adapted materials was awesome – it helped the students see how inclusion can work. I had a number of students come up to me after the presentation and tell me how impressed they were with your materials. They want to be really good teachers and like to get “how-to” information from their courses.

In summary, as a caring Mom, you are articulating a message that needs to be heard and you are doing it in a compelling manner; as you go along you are answering questions, and it appears that you are doing this instinctively.

Thank you again for coming to our campus and providing a great experience for our students that will impact them in their teaching careers.

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...