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Our Friend Mikayla has a new “friend” in High Fives and A Big Heart.

Posted March 21, 2012 | General


The book High Fives and A Big Heart is about Jeffrey who has Down Syndrome, but that makes no difference to anyone at his school or in his life. They know that is just a small part of what makes Jeffrey who he is, especially when compared to his kind heart and generous high fives!


On March 5, 2012 Jeffery and his friends (6 former 4th grade classmates), 3 former 4th grade teachers, his parents ~ Jane and Mike Bill, and Mikayla’s Voice executive director, Kimberly Resh, presented the book Jeffery and his classmates wrote and illustrated to the Alexandria Township Education Foundation.


Entitled High Fives and A Big Heart. The Foundation has agreed to grant $10,000 towards the publishing of the children’s book written at Alexandria Middle School in Pittstown, NJ. Thanks to this very generous donation and $5,000 in additional funding raised by Jeffrey’s family and friends, High Fives and A Big Heart will be published this summer.


We are still seeking $5700 for expenses to package and mail a copy of Jeffrey’s book to every public elementary school in New Jersey. Please contact (Enable Javascript to see the email address) should you wish to help.

Additionally, we’d like to thank Walmart and Air Products for generous grants, which respectively funded the printing and mailing for a similar project in Pennsylvania. Our Friend Mikayla will be sent to every public elementary school in Pennsylvania by the end of April. Please call your school’s principal to make sure they have received a copy and offer to read it to a classroom, before the end of the school year!

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