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Sporting the Message of Inclusion

Posted March 21, 2011 | General

Interested in sporting one of our t-shirts to celebrate and spread the message of inclusion?

The back features mostly green clovers with one red ladybug that obviously stands out representing someone with a physical disability. Upon closer examination, there is also just one four-leaf clover which represents a person with a disability that you may not be able to see or recognize at first ~ like autism, deafness, or a learning disability.

All the shapes are oriented a little differently ~ a clear representation that none of us are exactly alike and we should celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Our Inclusion t-shirts are $15 and can be ordered by emailing Mikayla’s Voice: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)">(Enable Javascript to see the email address). All proceeds to benefit Mikayla’s Voice non-profit organization spreading the message of inclusion for children everywhere.

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...