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Volunteers Needed!

Posted July 3, 2011 | General

Last July we had the remarkable opportunity to meet Michael Glen, the world’s first paraplegic hot air balloon pilot. We are thrilled to announce that Michael and his dad will be bringing their balloons and their story to the Lehigh Valley for the first ever Mikayla’s Voice Elevation Celebration event at Coca-Cola Park on August 6, 2011. Michael will not only speak with and encourage children with disabilities to follow their dreams, but share his love of ballooning with them. Michael will be able to offer tethered balloon rides to 40 children with physical disabilities ~ those unable to stand in a balloon basket but requiring his specially adapted seat. At the same time, his father and retired teacher, Bill Glen, will give 80 additional children with disabilities an opportunity to ride in his traditional basket. By including kids with disabilities in an activity that they and their families likely thought was impossible, we hope to inspire them to realize anything is possible. In addition, with the support of the Lehigh Valley community we are looking to make this an event beyond the balloon ride. Complete with music, food, face painters, balloon artists, art activities and more this will truly be a celebration to remember for so many deserving kids.

We would like to invite you to join us as a volunteer. By volunteering your time you can share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with hundreds of kids in the Lehigh Valley. The event will run from 4 PM to 8 PM on Saturday August 6th. We are in need of volunteers to man such things as: activity stations, check-in guests, serve food, and other event duties. If you are interested in helping us with our Elevation Celebration please leave your NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and AGE (i.e. over 21) within the comments. If in fact you cannot work the entire event specify the HOURS you would be available on the 6th. If you are not able to volunteer for this event, but are interested in volunteering your time for future events I’d ask that you send me your information to add to our volunteer database.

Mikayla’s Voice Elevation Celebration is not a fundraising event, rather an awareness and outreach event aligned with our mission. By including kids with disabilities in an activity they and their families likely thought was impossible we hope to inspire them that anything is possible. We invite you to join us in sharing this most important message and once-in-a-lifetime experience with kids throughout the Lehigh Valley.

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