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Super Brady: Always on the Move!




Autism seems so complicated and hard to understand, but Brady and his fourth grade friends keep it simple. Not just for children, Super Brady: Always on the Move! is a great place to start for anyone seeking better understanding. These young authors describe autism as “a disability that often makes it hard to communicate.” And the “spectrum?” They explain it simply means “No one person has the same type of autism.” Revealing his friends’ true understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for Brady, their story gives teachers and parents a springboard for further discussion about diversity, inclusion, friendship and kindness.

Almost 1800 copies of Super Brady: Always on the Move! were donated to every public elementary school, in Pennsylvania. Another 1200 books were distributed to third, fourth, and fifth grade classes across Lehigh and Northampton Counties. These generous gifts were made possible by a 50th Anniversary Spark Grant awarded by the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, and a matching grant from the Lion and Blue Bear Foundation, as well as additional funding from Air Products, Crayola, and Just Born Quality Confections.

If you live in Pennsylvania and wish to help share the message of inclusion, call the principal at your local school and offer to come in to read Super Brady: Always on the Move! to your child’s classroom. If you live outside PA, please consider purchasing a copy of the book for donation to your local school(s) and/or libraries(s). Mikayla’s Voice continues to seek grants for the donation of these books to elementary schools. Anyone interested in statewide, regional, or national donation should contact us.

Order your copy of Super Brady: Always on the Move! and be sure to share it with all the kids in your life! $15/book

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...