Mikayla herself never spoke a word. Not one. Upon her birth, the delivery room was silent. Mikayla didn’t cry. Five days later her parents learned she had been born with a severe, permanent brain injury. Despite Mikayla’s multiple disabilities, she was fully included in her local elementary school where her third-grade class wrote and illustrated Our Friend Mikayla, a book about having a friend with a disability. These young authors told Mikayla’s story, giving her a voice through which to share some of life’s most valuable lessons.

Inspired by Mikayla’s successful inclusion, her friends, and their book, Mikayla’s Voice was founded so children of all abilities could share the message of inclusion. Kids were always the most accepting of Mikayla’s disabilities.

Mikayla died in 2019 at age twenty-four, living twice as long as predicted, no doubt thanks to the love and support of her family, friends and community. Her mom promised Mikayla that her voice would continue to be heard. Louder. Stronger. Farther.

Everyone can be Mikayla’s Voice. A Voice for Inclusion. Friendship. Kindness. Love. We are more committed than ever to the work we started together. Please help us keep our promise to Mikayla, so Mikayla’s Voice will become her legacy.

“She has been one of the loudest and purest voices in my life.”
Logan (Mikayla’s Best Friend) at her memorial service

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...