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Mikayla’s Voice develops and coordinates unique and innovative programs that allow children with and without disabilities to work and play together. These include:

  • Diverse books for kids
  • Inclusion Assemblies
  • Wheels of Friendship® inclusive art program
  • Kaya’s Kaleidoscope inclusive art program
  • High School Mentor program
  • Mikayla’s Bookshelf enrichment website (
  • Tri for Inclusion® youth triathlon

Our inclusive youth programming builds positive and equitable culture in schools and communities, supporting social and emotional well-being. For everyone.

In their 2022-2023 Data Summary, external independent evaluators Dr. Dever and Dr. Lindström concluded that, “Statistical evidence from the 2022-23 academic year supports an increase in: 1) liking for school and 2) perceived friendship following the Mikayla’s Voice intervention across grades K-12. In addition, students who participated in the mentorship intervention schools at the high school level reported increased openness to interactions with peers with disabilities as well as a stronger interest in a career in the human services..” Their full report is attached below.

“Everyone can be someone that can make a huge difference in the world one day.”
4th grade student

Inspiring kids of all abilities to share the message of inclusion...